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Get to know nowadays

The Drink for
social drinkers

We exist to put a new spin on drinking. Nowadays means “at the present time”, that’s what we are all about. Gathering, laughing, and living in the moment.

We celebrate the present by bringing people together using low-dose cannabis as a healthier alternative to alcohol. Because hanging with friends shouldn’t have to end in a hangover.

Why Nowadays?

  • Quick
    onset time

    A good time in no time. Feel a gentle lift within 15 minutes.

  • Ditch The Booze,
    Keep The Fun

    The perfect substitute for your everyday cocktail, beer, or glass of wine.

  • Control
    Your Buzz

    Drink multiple to build your buzz or just maintain your vibe.

  • Bye Bye

    A light, lively buzz without all the boozy aftereffects.

  • Shipping To
    Your Door

    Get orders shipped directly to your door. Easy living. Easy sipping.

  • Drink With

    Made for social occasions.




We’ve got you covered with three THC drink blends to bring out your best buzz.

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