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Bright. Buzzy. Balanced.

Shop Nowadays" to "Natural fruit flavors and a crisp finish, the THC infused beverages come together to create the happiest of hours, no matter the dosage you prefer.

Low dose. Zero proof.
Drink Easy.

  • Quick Onset THC Stopwatch

    Onset Time

    A good time in no time. Feel a gentle lift within 15 minutes.

  • No More Hangovers Wave

    Bye Bye

    A light, lively buzz without all the boozy after effects.

  • THC Drink Cheers Glasses

    Drink With

    Made for social occasions.

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    Get orders shipped to your door. Easy living. Easy sipping.

THC Drink Serving Suggestions


Enjoy with your crew or on your own. Any way you want, we have you covered.

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  • THC? What’s the hype?

    THC is what gives you that perfect lift. A cannabinoid derived from marijuana or hemp, THC is the secret sauce that gives Nowadays its social buzz. Each shot (1.5oz) of Nowadays has 2mg. 6mg, or 10MG of THC to deliver a consistent, controllable high, every single time.

  • Does it taste like Weed?

    Natural fruit flavors, a crisp finish, and absolutely zero cannabis taste. Whether going out or staying in, Nowadays was created with a flavor to assimilate to any occasion.

  • How Many Can I Drink?

    Designed to replicate the strength of alcohol, we recommend beginners start with a single shot over ice or mix up one of our signature cocktails. Wait 15-30 minutes, and craft your experience from there.

  • Where Can I Find Nowadays?

    Nowadays can be ordered on our website and shipped directly to your door. The product is currently being rolled out to retailers across the country and we will be adding a Find Us page soon to find a store near you!

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